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INsideMILAN is a lifestyle and communication space entirely dedicated to the city of Milan. Through images, social media storytellings and event participation we offer exposure to the many 'things to do' and 'things to see' in Milan. 
All our efforts are focused on delivering high quality perspectives and improved digital presence to businesses, venues, people and places.
Milan is Italy's capital of fashion, finance and design with a strong historic background and a highly contemporary twist. We are here to help your reality get noticed.



INsideMILAN services focus on content creation and communication: from digital exposure and copy writing to social media strategy, live sharing and web translations.

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Fashion Industry

Milan is synonimous with  fashion. Here world famous high-end luxury boutiques and fashion houses combine perfectly with traditional made-in-Italy brands. Whether you wish to improve your social media presence, receive advice on how to improve your digital strategy, have your website translated and your contents written in English, you can count on us!  We are also available for in-store photography and live sharing during daily activity or special events. We can take you to the next level!

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Social Media

If you are the owner of a shop, hotel, restaurant or professional studio in Milan, with no time for social media, we would be pleased to support you by creating and managing your social media pages. The best advertising tool to increase visibility and reach a larger clientele are Instagram and Facebook. By means of inspiring content and pictures, and thanks to our passion for Milan and all things related, we can help you reach your target audience in Italy and abroad and consolidate your brand. We can also translate your company website into English or simply sponsor your company on INsideMILAN Instagram page.

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Social Media Photo-Package

Would you like to rely on a photo-package specific for your social media communication strategy, available in short times so that you can release your posts without wasting too much time searching or creating the visual materials you want to share? Three are the package options: 1. non-proprietary images: 20 pictures selected from the databases we have access to; 2. proprietary images: taken at your selected venue or during an event as indicated by you. 20 different shots will be readily available by 12 am the day after.  3. mix of proprietary and non-proprietary images (30 photos) to be posted  on your social media pages according to your needs and your editorial calendar.

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Fine dining

Milan is the perfect place where to enjoy both traditional and modern fine Italian cuisine as well as the best Italian wines. Exclusive restaurants and wine tasting rooms open their doors daily to welcome their guests and offer their best food and wine selections. Please contact us for advice and reservations and let us know about any special dining requirement you may have.


Milan luxury hotel choice is unquestioned. We will take care of your hotel reservation, or even connect you with some of the best real estate experts if you are looking for permanent accomodation. If during your stay in Milan you wish to spend some of your time in an exclusive spa, doing fitness activity, or practicing your favourite sport, we can assist you in finding the perfect sport and wellness club or luxury beauty centre as well as a personal trainer or sparring partner.

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Discover with us Northern Italy most exclusive wineries. We will take you on private visits to the most renowned wine estates and reserve for you one or more dedicated tasting session during which you can enjoy the finest Italian wines while an expert will tell you the story of each glass you will be served. We would be happy to hear about your preferences and personal taste.

Private workshops

If you like authentic Italian cuisine, Italy’s wine making tradition and olive oil expertise or any other culture trait, all you have to do is get in touch with us and let us know about your ideal learning program. Our portfolio may range from dedicated cooking and baking courses to Italian language private classes, including personal styling, bon ton, wine tasting and more. Drop us a line to find out more.

Personal concierge

INsideMILAN provides customized personal concierge services. Enjoy the city while we take care of the rest. We ensure that every one of your requests becomes a success and is handled in a timely and professional manner. From running errands to hiring a private driver, engaging a personal trainer or booking an appointment with the hairdresser. We will take care of your daily responsibilities, special events and planning needs during your stay in this beautiful city.


If you are travelling to Milan on business and need help with the language at meetings, dinners and events, please contact us to request a personal language assistant.  We can also offer assistance throughout permanent and temporary relocations to Milan providing guidance and induction to the city main facilities, culture and venues. If you come with your spouse, and need someone to keep her company while you are busy with your meetings, you may want to  hire a city companion to show her the city main attractions.

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Thanks to the partnership with some of the most exclusive property and real estate agents, we can help our clients who are moving to Milan, either permanently or on a temporary basis, find the most suitable accomodation or housing solution based on personal and family needs.
We can also provide induction sessions into the city and language assistance during the entire process. Contact us us to let us know about your relocation requirements.

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International Assistant

Travelling abroad from Italy with a personal travel language assistant is ideal for non-English speaking business people going to negotiate or attend meetings in a foreign country or for travellers who simply need help in dealing with everyday communication. To reserve an English speaking travel assistant please send us an email or complete the request form.

Wedding Assistant

If you are planning to spend one or more days in Milan during your honeymoon in Italy and need a personal assistant to plan for you the perfect itinerary and take you personally to the selected sights and venues, please fill in the request form or contact us via email and let us know about your ideal short stay.  If  you are getting married in Italy, and need assistance with your wedding papers, we can accompany you to the relevant governamental and local offices and take care of the legalization process.


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